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Learning Stuff

90% of my attraction to film/theatre production is that everyday I’m learning stuff. First thing I’ve learned these last couple weeks is “Don’t volunteer to finish other people’s work”. A bitter lesson that I’m suffering from because I’m sitting here with a 90% completed magazine that is waiting on other people to finish.

Second thing I’ve learned this month is that the process behind creation does not differ. Superficially it may seem that film is different from print, which is different from staging a show, different from writing a script… and so on. However that is not the actual process that I see.

The first thing to producing everything is to have a clear destination. This is not to be confused with a goal. Goals are very vague shifty things, a destination is more definite, obvious, clear-cut. “I want to go to Jamaica” is a goal, “I want to go to Jamaica on the 11th of May, 2011” is a destination. Once you have this destination in mind the next step is working out precisely how to get there, this is plotting out one’s workflow, another precise art that is overlooked. I want to shoot my film but how exactly do I do it? Do I have the right tools? And with the tools that I do have, How do I get from point A to point B. Sitting down and working out exactly what my production workflow is has saved me this last month. While doing the magazine I saw the tools I had and I examined what the people who asked me to save it wanted, then I asked questions of the software that I had.

This establishment of destination and plotting of the course is followed by simply executing the plan. Things happen but that is part of the experience.

I find that these 3 basic steps are the same throughout the process of creation and if any of them are taken for granted the whole process falls apart.

The last thing I learned is color correction (and colouring) or “How cool are the tools that we use!” I’ve never really fancied venturing into it but having played around with it with my stills I’ve decided it is worth a shot. One can never stop expanding the tools that you have at your disposal.

next stop…oscars 🙂


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