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Updates and the Olympus iSpeed

So a bit of an update. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a little while, life and all of that. I’ve been trying for a while to get into school to pursue production. I had mixed success but ended up registering for a certificate in Design for Arts and Entertainment at Ryerson University. Everything seemed fine and things seemed to be going well, until I tried to travel. It was a long drawn out ordeal that ended in a rejection letter from the Canadian High Commission and a scramble to find a new path to take.

Things are funny in a way, when I began looking at schools I came across this “Full Sail University” courtesy of Film Riot . I was impressed by their pretty site but ran the other way when I came across the tuition. This lead to Ryerson and the debacle of Canadian Immigration. Then my sister went on a mission to find me a school, this was within 24 hours of my latest rejection from the Canadian High Commission. She didn’t know what schools I had looked at and she ended up calling “Full Sail University”. Within a day or two she had the whole plan mapped out, when I would start, what I needed to do and so on. Now, about a month later I’m sitting here in Winter Park having completed my orientation at Full Sail and I’m excited, happy and thankful at this amazing, curious turn of events.

Anyway the orientation week has been great  and I got to attend my first non-orientation event on campus, the demo of the Olympus iSpeed PL High Speed Camera.
I shot kind of on the spur of the moment on my iPhone so there isn’t much in the way of narrative or anything, just a quick peek at the camera’s capabilities and a really bright ARRISUN. I really just wanted to test out the rendering on this Macbook pro they gave me.
I hope to do some kind of regular video blog thing, interspersed with writing and maybe audio, depending on what I’m feeling.



Review: Green Lantern (2011)



Something ecaped my sight. Tonight I went to see Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” and it can only be described as underwhelming. The movie follows the story of Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds, a reckless test pilot who is chosen to be one of the members of the elite Green Lantern Corps by the ring of a dying alien. He is then tasked with not only learning the ring but facing the greatest enemy the Corps has ever known.

Really though? The greatest threat ever?

Green Lantern is a good movie, it is not quite Avatar but the 3D works far better in the fantastic world of Oa than it did in Asgard, the mythical realm presented in Marvel’s Thor. While Thor lacked in visuals and scope, it fares much better than Green Lantern in terms of story. Green Lantern disconcertingly jumps from character to character without much flow and a lot of unnecessary filler. I have heard people criticize the acting in the movie and I have to say that the actors in the movie are what makes it bearable. Events happen out of sequences, climaxes occur without any buildup and characters make decisions that boggle the mind.

Ryan Reynolds did it for me as Hal Jordan, my feeling is that with a stronger script he would own the character. While he gave us enough cocky cowboy, the script left out important elements of his character. From a comic book standpoint it gave us the stripped down Geoff John’s Hal Jordan when we should have gotten the Emerald Dawn version. They glossed over his relationship with his brother and even his recklessness in favour of a super thin romantic subplot with Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) and a few fleeting moments of melodrama about his father. Even how he got his powers left me scratching my head. In still fairly bright daylight not only does an Alien ship crash but he is transported in a big green bubble from a pretty heavily populated suburb (just outside a birthday party) to the crash site. The plot manages to give him enough time to bury Abin Sur and have his friend Tom drive out to pick him up before the Government’s Men in Black show up. There is not even any mention later by the same powers that be of the fact that someone else found the alien first.

The movie momentarily transports Hal to Oa where he undergoes about 5 and a half minutes of “training” by Kilowog and Sinestro, which was one of the best sequences in the film. My wish was that they remove almost all the scenes with Carol Ferris and replaced them with more Oa scenes. The charaters there are far more interesting and carry much more bearing on this plot and the plots of the, now only distantly, possible sequels.

Mark Strong has Sinestro nailed however he was criminally underutilized. I wanted to see the building distrust between him and the Guardians, I wanted to see more of the authoritarian Sinestro. The twist of having the guardians being the ones who create the ring was nice but because Sinestro was not developed it lacked the context to have an impact on anyone not familiar with the comic’s mythos. Even the 2 villains of the piece were badly used. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) was awesome, but his character was oddly enough developed backwards. He kind of just shows up at one point and then we learn about his relationship with his father and his own problems far too late for us to hate or pity him. Two of the big action sequences involving him simply just happen. There is no development of an antagonist relationship between himself and the hero. The script tries to gloss over that by repeatedly having the characters talk about being faliures in life and such.

As for Parallax, the embodiment of fear is wasted here. If this were to be a trilogy it should have come in the final chapter, in our hero’s darkest hour (or “Blackest Night in this case). It is instead reduced to a squid-crab thing with a big head that is defeated far too easily by the hero. Luckily there is room for A LOT of alterations and retconning for the sequel and I hope that one of those is making the “Parallax” of this movie merely an incarnation of the deity and that it continues to reside in the yellow battery. As a fan of the comic this brings up one detail that the movie absolutely missed, the yellow impurity in the rings. Really? The characters chatter over and over again about overcoming great fear but the single detail that makes that important and relevant is missed.

I will admit I went into this expecting Blake Lively to ruin every shot she was in and my fears were justified. However, it is not her fault at all, the character she was given to play was bad. It was not the Carol Ferris from the comics and she served no purpose except to look at Hal’s green body suit all googly eyed. In the final confrontation between Hal and Hector, the villain mumbles something about her not loving him like she loves Hal, which made no sense. Just like how Hal merely shows up to confront Hector because his ring recieves a Broadcast message that trouble might show up somewhere near.

The movie is visually entertaining. The ring constructs are wonderfully realized and executed along with the alien world of Oa. The 3D was not as horrifically dark as the Frost Giant world in Thor and Oa was also much more alive than the tomb that was Asgard. These strong points are overwhelmed by the narritive weakness and disjointed nature of the movie. I can only hope that the sequel gets the Green Light and perhaps gets “Dark Knighted” so that the corps gets the movie it deserves.

Green Lantern Niceness

Okay I was initially skeptical of the suit. Now I’m not. This movie looks freaking fantastic. GL is my favourite hero and I think Ryan Reynolds is pretty awesome too.

Lens Whacking (Not at all what it sounds like)

I heard about this technique a while back but I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. Luckily Ryan Connolly of Film Riot fame did a test shoot using the technique. The results are freaking spanky.

I love Film Riot with all of my black heart. They bring the crazy and fun to learning about filmmaking so if you have any interest at all in the art check out the show.

[EDIT] In case you are wondering what “Lens Whacking” is, it is slightly removing your lens from your camera body to let light in behind the actual glass. The result is those wonderful flares you see in the short.


Randomosity and Slo Mo

So I haven’t had much time since last week. I was hoping to have a couple vids to post but I have to change a couple of clips in it (the joys of working for other people.) In the meantime check out this little 5 second clip of my appleton mug. I was experimenting with making slow-mo from stills.

I also used the opportunity to test out my CPU which has been overheating like crazy. Good news. Success no more overheating even running outside of air conditioning. That said, enjoy the clip I’ll be back with a preview of the opening montage for my DVD of a local production of FAME: The next Generation.

Redrock Micro Runningman

So last month I was being very idle on twitter and ended up entering a contest to win a Runningman DSLR rig from @redrockmicro.

and apparently I won.

After waiting what seemed forever my rig is finally here 🙂
Redrock Micro Running Man

and for the more sturdy ones among us…
Running Man 2

it works tooo!

The rig feels SOLID! I am going to be working with the rig this weekend and I should have some video and thoughts on the rig posted up here in the coming weeks.

Thank you Redrock Micro 🙂 I have my eye on some more stuff to add to this rig (follow focus ^_^).