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Lens Whacking (Not at all what it sounds like)

I heard about this technique a while back but I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. Luckily Ryan Connolly of Film Riot fame did a test shoot using the technique. The results are freaking spanky.

I love Film Riot with all of my black heart. They bring the crazy and fun to learning about filmmaking so if you have any interest at all in the art check out the show.

[EDIT] In case you are wondering what “Lens Whacking” is, it is slightly removing your lens from your camera body to let light in behind the actual glass. The result is those wonderful flares you see in the short.



Randomosity and Slo Mo

So I haven’t had much time since last week. I was hoping to have a couple vids to post but I have to change a couple of clips in it (the joys of working for other people.) In the meantime check out this little 5 second clip of my appleton mug. I was experimenting with making slow-mo from stills.

I also used the opportunity to test out my CPU which has been overheating like crazy. Good news. Success no more overheating even running outside of air conditioning. That said, enjoy the clip I’ll be back with a preview of the opening montage for my DVD of a local production of FAME: The next Generation.

From The Archive: Aesthetics Now Interview with Acmatic

I did this interview at some point last year with on of my favourite bands Acmatic. I shot this with no external audio equipment (working on that) with “Jasper” the trusty T2i. I’m gonna go around the Web from time to time and link to various things I’ve worked on or written.

Enjoy and don’t forget to check out Aesthetics Now and buy Acmatic’s album Sundial on iTunes

Redrock Micro Runningman

So last month I was being very idle on twitter and ended up entering a contest to win a Runningman DSLR rig from @redrockmicro.

and apparently I won.

After waiting what seemed forever my rig is finally here 🙂
Redrock Micro Running Man

and for the more sturdy ones among us…
Running Man 2

it works tooo!

The rig feels SOLID! I am going to be working with the rig this weekend and I should have some video and thoughts on the rig posted up here in the coming weeks.

Thank you Redrock Micro 🙂 I have my eye on some more stuff to add to this rig (follow focus ^_^).


Canon Pixma Ad: Kinda Awesome

Got this link courtesy of @epicmayers

It’s a behind the scenes look at the making of a new ad campaign for Canon’s Pixma line of printers.  Sound scuplting using paint.

Hello world!

Why not. I decided a few weeks ago to get back in the habit of writing on my own website. Also I came to the realization that with all the facebooks, twitters and google buzzes that I really didn’t have my own thing. So I am starting out here and going to keep this going for the next couple months before I merge this in with my domain and maybe a move to another host. Will be back tonight with some archived stuff and possibly a review of “Green Hornet”