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Who am I?

This is a piece I submitted for an assignment. I had to choose an image and then explain how the image related to my character from the perspective of my character.

I am just like everyone else, with dreams, hopes and drive to get somewhere to make something of my life. But here I am at cubicle fifteen describing to you why I think this picture describes me.

Every day I’m forced to put on this crappy hundred-dollar suit, choking myself with this tie (that I still haven’t quite figured out how to tie). Then I walk to the subway and cram myself into a smelly, sticky car with like a million other people all wearing the same damn hundred-dollar suit. When I finally get off I walk about twenty steps before I’m crammed right back into an elevator with another bunch of suit monkeys. We all pile out on the sixteenth floor and scurry to our desks, hoping we can avoid our supervisor and get through our day without doing any more than we have to. I spend the next 8 hours shifting papers, putting them into manila folders and sticking them into filing cabinets where I’m sure no one will ever read them again.

4:30 arrives and I reverse the process and find myself in my apartment eating macaroni and cheese that has been rewarmed for the third time and watching what is probably the seventh airing of American Idol for the week. I don’t know who is winning and I don’t particularly care. It’s just noise in the background while I check Facebook to see if anyone is talking to me. Eventually I fall asleep only to be woken up too soon by my alarm clock to do it all over again.

The picture is a promise to myself that I will not be held back by this situation. The suit will not define me but I will define the suit.  I am the cool, mysterious guy, charming, smart and debonair.  There’s also the “take no prisoners” me, with words just as quick as my trigger finger. Anyone who gets in my way is dropped with a snarky one-liner that gets a chuckle from the bevy of ladies that surrounds me. Finally there is the superhero, just waiting to burst out in my brightly colored costume and save the day. He spends the days disguised as this mild mannered office worker but at the first sign of danger he appears to save the beautiful lady as she is put in danger time and again by his nemesis.

I want to keep that promise but it is hard. This suit and this cubicle have trapped me so long that it is killing those parts of me. There is nothing mysterious about me. In fact, I just summed up my entire life in a couple paragraphs. The witty comebacks are only said in my head hours afterward and most of them begin with “yo mamma”. My nemesis is the cranky landlord who lives across the hall and the only superpower I seem to have around ladies is invisibility.

It’s not as bad as it seems though; this isn’t going to be forever. One day I will be all those “Mes”. For now I have to keep them hidden inside but don’t worry because when the time comes they will be unleashed and the world will not know what hit it.