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Updates and the Olympus iSpeed

So a bit of an update. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a little while, life and all of that. I’ve been trying for a while to get into school to pursue production. I had mixed success but ended up registering for a certificate in Design for Arts and Entertainment at Ryerson University. Everything seemed fine and things seemed to be going well, until I tried to travel. It was a long drawn out ordeal that ended in a rejection letter from the Canadian High Commission and a scramble to find a new path to take.

Things are funny in a way, when I began looking at schools I came across this “Full Sail University” courtesy of Film Riot . I was impressed by their pretty site but ran the other way when I came across the tuition. This lead to Ryerson and the debacle of Canadian Immigration. Then my sister went on a mission to find me a school, this was within 24 hours of my latest rejection from the Canadian High Commission. She didn’t know what schools I had looked at and she ended up calling “Full Sail University”. Within a day or two she had the whole plan mapped out, when I would start, what I needed to do and so on. Now, about a month later I’m sitting here in Winter Park having completed my orientation at Full Sail and I’m excited, happy and thankful at this amazing, curious turn of events.

Anyway the orientation week has been great  and I got to attend my first non-orientation event on campus, the demo of the Olympus iSpeed PL High Speed Camera.
I shot kind of on the spur of the moment on my iPhone so there isn’t much in the way of narrative or anything, just a quick peek at the camera’s capabilities and a really bright ARRISUN. I really just wanted to test out the rendering on this Macbook pro they gave me.
I hope to do some kind of regular video blog thing, interspersed with writing and maybe audio, depending on what I’m feeling.